We know how much our customers love their watches, especially the ones that have been passed down from generation to generation. At Designer’s Touch Jewelry, we offer quality watch repair in Wellington at an affordable price. We have experience fixing many different watch brands and sizes and will have your watch back up and running, seemingly brand new, in no time.

Let us handle your watch repair in Wellington

At Designer’s Touch Jewelry, we offer multiple repair options, as we know no repair is the same. Here are a few of the problems we can fix:

Broken Bands

Occasionally your watch band will break, leaving you with no choice but to repair it. At Designer’s Touch Jewelry, we repair watches daily, and your broken band can either be repaired or replaced.


Our watches tap, hit, and rub past many surfaces all throughout our days. The constant contact leaves our watch surface scratched, sometimes so much so that we are unable to see the time. By replacing your glass, your watch will look like new again.


If your watch was a gift, it might not be a perfect fit. If you need to add or remove watch links, we can help size it, so it fits perfectly.


Tarnished items often happen, even to watches. We will clean your watch in different solutions to remove all the dirt, build up and discoloration.

At Designer’s Touch Jewelry, caring for your jewelry is important to us. Our skilled and responsible professionals are experts and knowledgeable about watch repairs and go the extra mile to make sure everything is done with precision and care. With a name that’s been trusted for years, we’re the company for you. If you’re in need of watch repair in Wellington, call Designer’s Touch Jewelry today.