Whether your watch that just gave out is expensive or not so expensive, it deserves to be handled with care and respect. When it comes to watch repair, anyone can claim to know what they’re doing but you should really only trust the pros with your watch repair in Wellington and that’s us at Designer’s Touch Jewelry!  

Designer’s Touch Jewelry 

Your watch is more than just a watch that tells you time, it is your possession and maybe even your prized possession. With that in mind, you should only trust the pros with your prized possession because any little thing can go wrong when you leave your watch with just anyone. Leave it to us to make sure we handle your watch with the most care and precision. We are seasoned enough to know exactly what we are doing and dropping off your watch with us means that you won’t have to worry about a thing. Not only do we do impeccable watch repair work but we also are proud to offer the best jewelry repaid in all of Wellington.  

Other services we offer 

At Designer’s Touch Jewlery, we offer more than just watch repair, the following are other services that we offer: 

  • Broken Chains 
  • Scratches 
  • Mounting Damage 
  • Sizing Problems 
  • Damaged Settings 
  • Worn Pieces 
  • Uneven Shank Wear 
  • Tarnished Metals 
  • Gold Wearing 
  • Broken Clasps 
  • Damaged Prongs 
  • & More! 

As you can see we offer a variety of jewelry related services but not only do we repair jewelry but we also do custom jewelry work. We can custom make your engagement rings using new materials or family stones that you would like to add. Don’t trust just anyone with your family heirlooms, you can trust us to do exactly what you envision your heirlooms to look. If you have a favorite piece of jewelry that has been severely damaged you can bring it in and we could recreate that piece.  

The best jewelry store in Wellington 

When looking for the best jewelry store in Wellington you don’t have to look far because Designer’s Touch Jewelry takes the prize! We are proud to have been offering our many services for over 30 years so you know we have been doing something right! Don’t waste your time taking your watch or jewelry to someone that will make it worse and then have to find another place when you can just come into our store and get it fixed the right way, the first time!