The year is young, but we’re already seeing jaw-dropping engagement ring trends. 

Do you think your special someone plans on popping the question soon? 

Not sure they’ll choose the right ring?

Make sure to drop a few hints for this year’s hottest styles. So far, 2021 is all about making a statement with bold gemstone colors and out-of-the-box designs. This year’s trends are also showing emphasizing the importance of family and tradition. 

We’re also seeing the resurgence of classic styles, but with a modern flare. If you want to know to which styles are dominating 2021 thus far, read on. 

Even if you have an idea of what you want, it doesn’t hurt to see this year’s ring trends before looking for engagement rings in Wellington. You may see a trend that perfectly fits your style and personality. 

Yellow Gold Bands 

Who can remember a time when rose gold was not all the rage? Rose gold has slipped into the foreground in 2021, while classic yellow gold is returning to the spotlight. You can find yellow gold bands on the fingers of many recently engaged celebrities, including Australian model Jessica Hart. 

Be on the lookout for yellow gold while shopping for jewelry in Wellington! You never know when it’ll come in handy! 

Statement Wedding Bands 

Standalone bands are quickly becoming popular as more people are leaning towards gender neutral styles. Statement wedding bands are proving to be equally as stunning as center stone engagement rings. Don’t go with a solid metal band – instead, opt for more elaborate designs. If you can’t decide between a statement wedding band or a ring set with a gemstone or diamond, have them both. These days, more women are wearing their statement wedding band on hand, and their traditional center stone engagement ring on the other.

Elongated Diamond

The elongated diamond is making an appearance in a variety of shapes. Singer Ariana Grande has been seen with her pear-shaped elongated engagement ring. Fellow singer Demi Lovato was spotted on numerous occasions wearing her engagement ring in the shape of an elongated rectangle. It’s a style that’s teetering the line between classic and modern. While diamonds are a classic approach, the elongated shapes are much different than the classic round diamond ring. The elongated diamond ring gained popularity in 2020, but the trend has continued into 2021 and may stick around for years to come. This style is proof that classic is making a comeback.

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Blue Gemstones 

Heirloom-inspired designs are getting a lot of attention this year. A similar look to a traditional heirloom is the blue gemstone, particularly in royal blue. This year, family has become more important to people. This comes as no surprise since 2020 kept many families apart. Blue gemstones are very versatile because there are many shades of blue.

Blue isn’t the only colorful gemstone growing in popularity. Yellow and emerald are also in trend this year. So, if blue isn’t your color, there are many vibrant gemstone colors to choose from.

Contoured Ring Stacks 

We’re seeing a lot of unique trends this year. 

From wearing a statement band on one hand, and a center stone ring on the other, to ring stacks. One style of ring stacks that’s getting more attention is the contoured ring stack. This trend utilizes contour bands stacked on the ring finger to emphasize the center gem.  

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