It’s no secret that an engagement ring is perhaps, one of the most significant and sentimental pieces of jewelry that one can ever own when it comes to the promise of marriage.

The ring in itself is beautiful to behold and as important, is the love, devotion, and commitment that an engagement ring will always stand for.

The Tradition Lives On

Engagement rings share quite an interesting history and appear to go back to the medieval era. Here in the United States, the tradition started popping up in the 1840s, and the twin rings (engagement and wedding) would eventually become a classic custom for couples in love ready to walk down the aisle.

Today, a dazzling engagement ring sparkles brighter than ever, and popular types of rings signal trends, romance, and everlasting symbols of love.

Yellow Gold Always Rules

Jewelry experts believe that engagement rings made of gorgeous yellow gold will be marking a revival moment in the new year. More than ever, the demand for rings designed with yellow gold metal is a hot trend.

The color looks lovely on all skin tones, and yellow gold can be resized easily if required. It’s a classic and looks amazing with delicate settings.

Emerald And Pear, Oh My

Uniquely cut center stones are another popular desire in engagement ring styles, these days. Although the traditional round, oval, and cushion design will never fall out of fashion, it looks like the fancier shapes are what brides-to-be really wish to wear as a symbol of their partner’s love and commitment.

Cuts featuring an emerald shape, pear, or radiant are another elegant way of choosing engagement rings inWellington. Every person is unique in what they believe is a stunning ring. For example, those who adore an emerald-shaped center stone are attracted to a long, rectangular diamond that features mirror-like facets.

A pear shape engagement stone is all about the pretty, raindrop design and can be worn in two ways, with the point down or the point up. The faceting with this shape is impressive, and the pear will deliver tons of sparkle and sophistication.

A radiant shape is another must-have for some engaged couples. It looks almost like the fancy emerald shape with its rectangular beauty and boasts an even edgier design. The faceting can appear as a more traditional pattern, or give off that cool, “crushed ice” type of appearance and dimension.

‘Toi Et Moi’- Two Stones Are Nice

Another modern trend to consider when it comes to choosing engagement rings is the “toi et moi” design. In French, that means “you and me.”

Two stone engagement rings (and three-stones) are another hot look that couples cannot help but admire and desire. Multi-stone rings let you show off more than one awesome diamond and gemstone, and the experienced jeweler can help you create the ultimate shapes, cuts, and colors for your “toi et moi” engagement ring.

Let’s be totally honest. Your engagement ring is a big deal, and its purity and symbolic value are something you’ll treasure throughout the years.

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