Watches manufactured by Rolex are considered to be a status symbol that is worn by the wealthy. This Swiss watch was originally invented in 1908 and continues to remain popular among people all over the world. There are a few main reasons the watch is still “in” and continues to increase in sales.


1. Excellent Product Quality

This luxury watch is built with quality and sturdy materials, which can allow it to last a lifetime and be passed down to future generations. It has a simple design and doesn’t pack a lot of bells and whistles, which prevents issues from developing over time. Unlike modern watches, the watch doesn’t include minute repeaters, a calendar, or tourbillions.


Rolex models, like the Submariner or GMT-Master II, are known to have a rotating bezel that ratchets cleanly, allowing it to operate better than similar brands in the industry.


2. A Classic Design

Watches manufactured by Rolex are considered to be timeless because of its classic design, which is upscale and features intricate details that contribute to its appeal. There are many features that allow it to be recognizable, which include the elegant Oyster bracelet, “Mercedes” hands, the grooved bezel, and the unique Cyclops magnifier. This allows it to be easy to recognize from a distance and beautiful to inspect up close.


3. Value

One of the main reasons consumers continue to purchase these luxury watches is because they hold their value over time. They’re considered to be an investment that can pay off in the future due to their continued demand. Many people expect to sell their Rolex watches in the future for the same price or even more than what they originally paid.


The watches are commonly resold at auctions where they’re often sold for a significant amount. If you want to learn the value of this type of watch, it’s easy to take it to a jewelry store like Designer’s Touch Jewelry in Wellington, FL, to get an appraisal, depending on its condition, age, and model.


4. High Demand

These luxury watches aren’t easily accessible because the manufacturer only delivers the number of watches to retailers that it expects to sell. This can lead to unexpected shortages and wait times, which increases the demand on the market.


5. Marketing

Rolex’s marketing has proven to be successful over the years since the watch was first released to the public. The name is easy to pronounce in different languages, which has allowed it to have worldwide recognition. In the 19070s, Rolex’s watches were also worn by a lot of professional athletes, which made consumers recognize how durable the materials are while staying active compared to other luxury brands that manufacture fragile jewelry items.


Understanding the value and long-term demand of this luxury watch can make it easier to get an idea of why this type of luxury watch is never out of style. You can reach out to our team in Wellington, FL, to learn more about the brand and discover the different Rolex watches we carry.