What’s a timeless accessory that can be both beautiful and functional? A watch is a staple that should be a part of any person’s wardrobe. Whether you prefer to be stylish and trendy, or practical and classic, there is a watch-style out there for every time-teller. With infinite possibilities on the market in terms of options, a quality watch is an item that anyone can use and benefit from. If you’re searching for a watch store in Wellington, look no further than Designer’s Touch Jewelry. With a wide selection of men and women’s styles, there is a perfect timepiece for every wrist. As a family-owned and operated establishment, Designer’s Touch Jewelry has been delivering the most luxurious watches and repair services to South Florida since 1986. With our team of expert jewelers, finding the perfect watch for yourself, or a gift for a loved one, has never been easier.

Choose Our Watch Store in Wellington for All Repairs

Once you have selected your watch, it is not uncommon for a number of issues to arise as time passes that will eventually need repair or servicing. Alternatively, maybe you have an antique watch that you would like to bring back to life. Whatever the case may be, Designer’s Touch Jewelry can get your timepiece back in working condition. Some common problems that might need serving include:

  • Dead Battery – Besides stating the obvious, a dead battery in your watch could lead to other problems such as a leaking battery that could destroy the inner parts of your watch. An indicator that your battery may be close to running out is the second hand moving faster than it should.
  • Water Damage – It’s an easy mistake to forget that your watch might not be waterproof, but it ends up getting wet, you know you’re in trouble. Watches are very sensitive. Even if they get damp, it’s common to experience moisture or cloudiness from water droplets inside the face of your watch. It is important to catch water damage early so that parts of your watch do not rust, or cause damage to the inner parts.
  • Broken Pieces – Let’s face it, we can all be guilty of being a little clumsy or forgetful when it comes to wearing jewelry or watches. For this reason, it’s quite normal to bang your watch on a hard surface or drop it by accident. Unfortunately, this can lead to scratches, marks, or broken glass, jewels, or links. 

Your One-Stop Watch Shop

A quality watch is an essential accessory that is not only useful for telling time, but it can be equally fashionable and beautiful to look at. In a world that is primarily digital, an analog watch is a wonderful way to avoid your phone and find the time. With a style for everyone and infinite options available, there is no reason not to prioritize your perfect timepiece. Whether your priority is form or function, everyone can benefit from a watch on your wrist!

At Designer’s Touch Jewelry, we’re sure there’s a luxurious watch that is perfect for you or your cherished partner, child, or friend. Once you have selected your ideal watch, keep Designer’s Touch in mind for any and all repairs or services that might come up. With over 20 years of experience servicing South Florida and a team of jewelry experts, you can rest at ease knowing that you’re in the best hands. If your current watch is in need of repair, or you’re seeking something new to add to your collection, our watch store in Wellington is the place for you. Contact Designer’s Touch Jewelry today at 561-790-6220. We look forward to serving you!