Perhaps you’ve recently come into the ownership of a diamond and want to insure it right away. Maybe you’re interested in selling some jewelry that you already have. Or it’s been about three to five years, and it’s about time to take your diamond jewelry to an appraiser to determine its new value. No matter what your reason for considering a diamond appraisal in Wellington, there’s only one place to go for stellar service: Designer’s Touch Jewelry. We are dedicated to extending the best of care to our evaluation of your diamond by prioritizing accuracy and fairness. 

What Will An Appraiser Look For?

A multitude of factors can influence a diamond’s worth. As always, the “four C’s” are key: cut quality, clarity, color, and carat weight. According to diamond industry expert Michael Fried, cut quality affects a diamond’s value the most. The best cut diamonds, which are more proportional and symmetrical, are more valuable. They also shine the brightest and contain the most color or “fire” within their sparkle. Cuts themselves have traits of their own, like brilliance (how brightly white light reflects off of a diamond) and scintillation (the sparkling when light moves across a diamond’s surface). The more intense the brilliance, the better; the more scintillation, the more desirable a diamond becomes. Altogether, because of the science behind how light reflects off diamonds’ facets, a diamond’s beauty is determined by its cut. Note that cut and shape are two different things: a diamond can be pear-shaped, for example, but be cut deep or shallow.

Clarity refers to the number of flaws (known as “inclusions”) on the surface of the diamond that is usually visible only when magnified.  Common flaws range from chips on the diamond’s surface to “bearding,” which are hairy lines surrounding the top of the diamond that can sometimes appear during cutting. 

A diamond’s color is a measure of how clear or yellow it is; the lower the quality of the diamond, the greater the chance of having a yellow tint. Lastly, carat weight affects the value in that it is correlated with the diameter of the diamond, and heavier diamonds are rarer and therefore more sought after.

Certain brands of diamonds can also inflate the value of your diamond in spite of these other characteristics. Among other things, your appraiser will also take into account the value of the metal used in your diamond jewelry, the presence of any scratches, and the strength of the piece’s prongs.

Why Appraisals Are Important

Receiving an appraisal for your diamond is required to ensure it (after all, a receipt isn’t enough to prove its value) and thereby allow for the possibility of being fully covered in the case of loss, theft, or damage to your diamond.  It’s also helpful to know that you paid a price befitting your diamond’s value. 

Appraisals are also crucial when liquidating, making value comparisons, filing taxes, and selling pieces. It’s always wise to know the worth of your diamond before selling it so as to avoid the pitfalls of asking for too much or too little. 

When Should You Have Your Diamond Appraised?

The general rule of thumb is to get your diamond appraised as soon as you obtain it so that you can take out an insurance policy on it as soon as possible. That way you can move through life with ease knowing that your diamond is covered should anything unfortunate happen to it. 

Keep in mind that because of fluctuations in market prices, it’s recommended to have your jewelry re-appraised every three to five years in order to ensure that your documents are up to date. For example, if you were to lose your diamond a decade after receiving an appraisal for it, its worth would not be current and you could potentially miss out on an increase in its value. 

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