What to Expect from a Local Jewelry Store in Wellington?

When you’re looking for a local jewelry store in Wellington, there are multiple locations to choose from. Yet, that doesn’t mean that every jewelry company is created the same. It’s not easy to find a company that offers genuine customer care, accompanied with excellent team values. At Designer’s Touch Jewelry, we pride ourselves on helping our clients with anything and everything they might have. In this article, we’ve highlighted what you can expect from working with our team. Keep reading to learn more! 

Quality Gold and Silver from Your Local Jewelry Store in Wellington 

Every jewelry store is known for something different, and at Designer’s Touch, we’re known for our high-quality gold and silver. We offer incredible materials, ranging from gold, platinum, silver, and stainless steel. Not only do we have women’s styles, but we also have plenty of men’s styles to choose from. Materials are incredibly important when you’re shopping for jewelry because you invest quite a bit of money into these metals. In fact, some of the pieces that you buy just might be passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, it’s essential that these metals are long-lasting so that they can last a significant amount of time within your family. 

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring 

There are some moments that bring almost every individual through the doors of their local jewelers. One of these moments is when a person is getting married or renewing their vowels. A wedding ring isn’t something that you choose lightly. There is much searching involved until eventually, you find the ring that you feel matches the love you have for your partner. When you choose that ring, you know that you’re choosing a ring that will last you and your family for years to come. If you’re looking for a custom design, you can rest at ease knowing that our team is here to help. With a beautiful artistic approach, we’ll guide you through the steps. We’ll ask you the appropriate questions to ensure that we’re providing a ring that just might draw a tear or two from your lover’s eyes! 

Years of Experience 

All jewelry companies aren’t created equal, as we mentioned above. What sets us apart from other jewelers in the area is our years of experience. In business since 1986, we’ve helped hundreds of our clients find necklaces, rings, earrings, watches, and more! When you bring your jewelry to our company, you know you’re getting a team of skilled jewelers.

Jewelry Appraisal 

If you’re looking to sell your jewelry, you’re in the right spot. At Designer’s Touch Jewelry, our years of professionalism have led us to understand what pieces worth high prices and which pieces are aren’t worth very much at all. Sometimes, people decide to sell their jewelry when they’re clearing out their closets, reselling pieces from a loved one that has passed on, or when they inherit an estate. If you, or someone you know, can relate, then you’ll need a team to help you through the appraisal process. Simply bring in your jewelry for us to assess! You may also decide to have an appraisal if you’re looking to implement an insurance policy, or you’re looking to add the piece to your taxes. Some of the elements we’ll look for are stone quality, any scratches, craftsmanship, attention to detail, the structure of the piece, and the metal type. If the ring, necklace, or bracelet has a stone, then we’ll ensure that the prong strength is also substantial.  

Jewelry Repairs 

Last, but not least, we offer jewelry repairs. When you have a piece that’s broken, we know how devastating this can be. Not only are some pieces of jewelry functional, such as a watch, but they’re also timeless assets to your collection. At Designer’s Touch Jewelry, we’ll get your jewelry back to you as soon as possible. You might be surprised to find that your pieces look brand new! 

Designer’s Touch Can Help!

If you’re looking for a local jewelry store in Wellington, Designer’s Touch Jewelry is here to help. Contact a member from our team today at 561-790-6220 or visit us directly at 2891 S. State Rd. 7, Suite 120, Wellington, Florida 33414.