No matter what purpose you have for getting your diamond appraised, you’ll want to go to a professional. Going to just anywhere can be a terrible idea, simply because you’ll want to know that the evaluation of your diamond is accurate, and up-to-date. If you’re seeking a diamond appraisal in Wellington, Designer’s Touch Jewelry may be able to help.

There are many different reasons for getting a diamond appraised. Here are a few:


Well, know your diamond’s worth. If you have a diamond that you want to sell, it’s important to know that you’ll be in the right ballpark. Selling any type of jewelry without an appraisal can be risky. Those who do not get their diamonds approved may end up selling their diamond at a lowball price, leaving the buyer extremely happy that they made such a deal. Diamond owners may also try to sell their diamond at a price that is too high, and may never see the amount they were looking for.


It’s important to get a diamond appraised in case it is stolen or damaged. An insurance policy may be able to cover the diamond’s cost. Although it will never replace the precious stone, knowing what your diamond was worth will help you recover some of those financial funds, should anything happen. Again, it is important that you have a diamond appraised by a professional if the insurance companies are to take the appraisal seriously. Unfortunately the diamond owner’s word and the sales receipt will simply not do.

There are multiple other reasons to get a diamond appraisal such as taxes, liquidation, and value comparison. When a precious stone is getting evaluated, there are many things that our skilled and professional staff looks for at Designer’s Touch Jewelry. We look for notable qualities such as stone quality, metal type, craftsmanship, prong strength, inclusions, scratches, overall weight, and structural integrity.

At Designer’s Touch Jewelry in Wellington, we understand how important it is that the appraiser who looks at your diamond is knowledgeable in what to look for and well informed in the process. Our appraisers are top of the line, and you can certainly trust them to make the most accurate assessment of your diamond. We break down our appraisal to let you know exactly why and how we valued your stone. If you’re looking for a diamond appraisal in Wellington, we’re the number one stop. Diamonds should be appraised every 3-5 years, and you’ll want a company that you can consistently rely on.