Jewelry has a history that spans tens of thousands of years. It has been used as a status symbol. Jewelry has also been used as a way to express yourself artistically. You can wear it for protection, like an amulet. Your jewelry may even signify what social group you are a part of. Regardless of the reason for wearing jewelry, there is a secret about white gold that some people may not know. It is not really white. 

What Is Rhodium Plating? 

Most white gold jewelry is rhodium plated. Rhodium plating is when yellow or white gold is dipped in rhodium. This gives your jewelry a bright white look. You can prevent silver from being tarnished by also dipping it in rhodium plating. 

Cost of White Gold Dipping 

The cost of dipping is dependent on the condition, size, and intricacy of the jewelry piece. Before plating, it will need to be cleaned, polished, and possibly restored. Rhodium is known for being extra hard, reflectively white, and resistant to tarnishing. 

How Is White Gold Made? 

White gold is yellow gold that has been mixed in with alloys, giving it a pale yellow color. In order for the gold to turn fully white, it needs to be rhodium plated, also known as dipped. 

Benefits of Dipping 

Recently, more people are having their silver rhodium plated. This is to prevent the silver from tarnishing. As a result, you do not need to polish your silver. The dipping can also be a barrier to skin protection for those who have an allergic reaction to silver. 

What Can Cause Rhodium Plating to Wear Off? 

Quite a few factors determine how fast rhodium plating can wear off. Body chemistry as well as how you handle your jewelry can play a role in the dipping lasting long. The plating on rings will usually wear off faster than earrings and necklaces because rings hit surfaces more often.  

Time It Takes for Rhodium Plating to Wear Off 

Your ring may start to look dull and have some yellow on the prongs of the ring. If you wear your dipped ring every day, it should last 2 to 5 years. With your earrings and necklaces, one dip may be enough. 

Can You Dip Yellow Gold?

It is possible to dip a yellow gold ring. However, it is not recommended. This is because you will see spots of bright yellow as the rhodium wears off. It could be okay to dip yellow gold jewelry that does not have contact with surfaces often, like earrings. It is also possible to re-plate an item that is already plated. 

Where Can You Get Your Jewelry Dipped in Wellington, FL

If you are interested in dipping your jewelry or would like to have it re-plated, you can contact Designer’s Touch Jewelry. We have proven ourselves with our clients for well over three decades in Wellington FL. If you are looking for custom jewelry, we can help you with that too. We can also make repairs as well as update heirlooms for you.