Owning jewelry is a beautiful thing. Whether it is a gift, a family heirloom or a personal purchase, having something that is both beautiful and valuable can add a lot of joy to your life. But to fully appreciate and protect your jewels, having a professional appraisal done on a regular basis is essential. Here are some of the key benefits of having your jewelry appraised on a regular basis.

1. Proper Insurance Coverage

Jewelry is expensive and sometimes irreplaceable. They carry a certain sentimental value and, in the case of heirlooms, may also have a historical significance. Having up-to-date jewelry appraisal can help you get the right coverage for your jewelry should there be any damage or loss. A jewelry appraisal in Wellington will let your insurance company know exactly what they are covering and give you peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen, your jewelry will be properly compensated.

2. Accurate Resale Value

The value of jewelry can change over time due to any number of factors including inflation, scarcity and market demand. Having an accurate appraisal record allows you to accurately assess the current value of your jewels for resale or trade-in. With this information, you can make an informed decision about whether to buy, sell or trade your jewelry.

3. Identification and Documentation

Appraising jewelry is not just about assessing its value; it is also about identifying, documenting and accurately describing the item. This information can be used for insurance claims, estate planning, legal matters or simply to keep a record of your jewelry collection. Having an accurate appraisal document ensures that all necessary details are properly documented and preserved.

4. Authenticity Verification

Jewelry assessment can also help to verify the authenticity of a piece. Many times, jewelry may be made with counterfeit or synthetic stones and components. A jewelry appraisal in Wellington will not only assess the current value of your jewels but will also verify their authenticity.

5. Expert Advice

Nothing beats the opinion of a professional. And, when it comes to jewelry, having an independent and impartial opinion from a respected professional is invaluable. When you get your jewelry evaluated by a professional, you can trust their advice on whether or not the piece is worth its price tag, or if there are any repairs that need to be done in order to ensure its long-term value. Moreover, appraising jewelry is also a great way to get advice on how to properly care for your precious items.

In Need of a Jewelry Value Assessment

Jewelry appraisals are essential for protecting and preserving the value of your jewelry. As such, it is important to have them done on a regular basis by trusted professionals. So if you need an accurate appraisal document or just some expert advice, be sure to contact Designer’s Touch Jewelry. We have what it takes to make sure your valuable jewelry is protected and properly appreciated.