Due to widespread lockdowns and travel restrictions, our wardrobes have been dreary and monotonous for the previous two years, packed with minimalistic pieces and loungewear. This has, in turn, triggered everyone to go bold and vibrant this spring.  

The most exciting part about this season’s fashion trends is the fun and personalized spring jewelry pieces. The necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are bringing back the late 80’s and early 90’s. Imagine layers and layers of artistic beads, bright chunky rings, stacked pearls, resin bangles, chunky gold jewelry, thick choker necklaces, big chains, and oversized earrings and rings.  

Nostalgia is kicking in, and we love it, with a few refreshing tweaks.  

Keep scrolling to learn more about the top spring 2022 jewelry trends.  

Silver Metal  

The spring 2022 runway brought forward the body jewelry trend: anklets, belly chains, and arm cuffs. However, this heavy metal jewelry will be seen more in silver rather than gold, adding a few whimsical tweaks, further elevating their appeal.  

Silver is making a comeback in 2022, not only in classic forms but also in edgy and punk versions. Consider metal-worked twisted shapes and heavyweight chains with arched, pointed, and toggled links.  


The new internet term for pearl jewelry, pearlcore, is making a huge comeback this season but in a new playful sense. Designers like Givenchy, Valentino, Simone Rocha, and Tom Ford showcased pearl jewelry on the runway in unexpected fun ways. Pearl jewelry was seen in varied sizes, styles, and color combinations, with the most fun fusion, was the pearls paired with crafty beads.  

You Can Never Have Enough Of BEADS.  

Another blast from the past, the 2022 fashion runway, witnessed a spectacular display of bead jewelry. While the trend is most definitely for the over-the-top, more is more crowd, but it can be simplified when paired with a dash of color. It looks best when paired with gold or pearls, for example, a multi-colored bead bracelet paired with a fine metal piece or a beaded necklace paired with a long thin chain.  

Enamel Jewelry  

While bright and sleek enamel jewelry has been in the fashion scene for some time now but shows no signs of slowing down in 2022, enamel pieces are colorful and fun and add a splash of color, bringing life to any dull outfit. They are excellent for layering with gold jewelry.  


The classic jewelry collection piece, hoops, are here to stay and will continue to evolve with new, fresher variants. Silver and gold styles will continue to be everyday staples in different sizes and styles, ranging from small to delicate to bold and oversized pieces. This season, Hoops are not just available in gold and silver but also enamel and colorful or clear acrylic. 

She Sells Seashells On The Sea Shore 

People went crazy after watching Zendaya in a Super Bowl commercial rocking a bunch of seashell jewelry. All the pieces were fashioned in the latest trends, including seashell hoops, pearl core jewelry paired with seashells, beaded jewelry twerked with seashells, chunky necklaces with seashells, and beaded belt chains.   

Playful and whimsical items like these will be a perfect vacation accessory that will add a stylish tropical flair to your ensemble.  

Apart from these funky and playful trends listed above, a few more jewelry pieces are trending this season.  

  • Personalized Pieces  

People have started taking an interest in jewelry that represents something, like a zodiac sign, birthstone, or name initials. It’s all about finding that perfect piece that speaks to you or represents you.  

  • Sustainable Jewelry  

This has to be our favorite trend this season and all the seasons that will follow. With more and more customers feeling compelled to make informed selections about their jewelry purchases, from ethical sourcing procedures to the environmental impact of jewelry creation, it is in our best interests to implement sustainable production methods.  

Recycling old or vintage pieces has also become a trend, from transforming pieces you no longer wear to the pieces you never take off.  

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