One of the many joys of going through life is a chance to buy things you really like. You’ll also find that you probably have items that others, like your parents and grandparents, have given you. In addition, you may have lots of things of value passed on from relatives in your Wellington FL home. Now is the time to sort through them. This way, you can decide what you want to keep and what you might consider selling.




Furniture is a commonly used item that people like to give to others. Lots of different furniture tend to be passed along to new family members. A new mother may get a lovingly carved cradle to rock her child to sleep. Once older members of the family pass on, they often have items like sofas, desks, and dining room sets that are great furniture for a new home. A queen bed is a good gift for newlyweds that may be provided by a grandparent.




People give jewelry to others for all sorts of reasons. They give engagement rings and wedding rings to celebrate a marriage. Couples often give each other jewelry for special occasions. A wife will give a husband cuff links to celebrate their anniversary. A husband often gives his wife jewelry for her birthday or on Valentine’s Day. Such jewelry is often passed down to family members as a way of remembering some beautiful times. You might have a classic garnet necklace from a great aunt and an exquisite emerald bracelet your grandmother gave to you on your 18th birthday. There are items you can give to your own children.


Watches and Clocks


Watches and clocks are other items that have lots of value. A well-made watch is a great item that is both practical and yet can serve as a piece of jewelry to wear on your arm. Clocks are also one of those items that people love to have around at home as well as handing down to other people. A large grandfather clock, for example, can serve as the centerpiece in your living or dining room.


Sterling Silver


Sterling silver is understandably popular all over the world. People have been using items made from this malleable material for many centuries. Sterling can be shaped into many types of useful and elegant items, including teapots, plates, and silverware. It can also be used for all kinds of great jewelry. A lovely sterling silver pendant that has meaning in your life is one way to add a special item to your wardrobe. Sterling silver is a terrific gift to give to the people you love.


If you are cleaning your Wellington FL home and find some items that are clearly valuable, it helps to get a formal appraisal and see what they are worth for insurance purposes. Our experts in the world of jewelry at Designer’s Touch Jewelry can help with this vitally important process.