So you are considering proposing to your significant other soon? Let our team at Designer’s Touch be among the first the say congratulations. Taking that next step towards a commitment as strong as marriage is truly something special and worth celebrating. Among the excitement you are feeling, you might have some stressful feelings creep up. 

The stressor probably being what kind of engagement rings in Wellington, FL you should get. After all, there are tons of styles to pick from, double the variations, and triple the unique customizations. All of this may make your head spin. But you’re in luck because the Designer’s Touch Jewelry team are experts when it comes to all things jewelry. Whatever you’re leaning towards, or whatever styles you need to see, we have them. But to give you a little bit of insider info, we have come up with this cheat sheet to get you started.

What Are the Different Ring Styles?

Engagement rings are quite fancy these days. And when we say that, we don’t mean fancy as in excessively expensive (although those exist). By this, we are referring to the designs, shapes, colors, and styles of these rings being next level. In the past, engagement rings in Wellington followed a more traditional guideline. Sure, you could have them customized and personalized. But now, customization aside, the rings are innovative. 

While this is excellent news and makes it likelier you find something your special someone loves, it does have a downside. The downside is that sometimes more variety makes things more complicated. 

Classic Rings

This style is a classic for a reason. Every jewelry store has this style, and many people adore this style. And by classic, we are not saying it’s dull or old-fashioned style. Instead, it’s timeless. These ring styles work with a variety of gemstones and metals.

Three Stone

This style of engagement ring does not have one stone in the center. Instead, it features three smaller-sized stones. These rings have a classic look to them but with a modern twist.

Ring Sets

The ring set style is quite popular in recent years. Instead of one band, you can show your love with two. This style has one ring with smaller stones and the other ring with smaller rocks and one larger diamond. The two engagement rings also sit on top of one another to create the appearance of one.

Halo Ring

The halo ring is another one that has recently gained popularity. We see this ring continuing to maintain its popularity in the future too. This style looks elegant with the core diamond in the center of the ring surrounded by micro pave diamonds. 

And more!

There are many other unique styles for you to choose between. You can even put a spin on these types of rings to create the perfect one for your loved one. Here at Designer’s Touch Jewelry, we have a wide selection of engagement rings for you to browse.

Tips For Picking Out a Ring:

With all the unique styles and customization options, picking out the perfect ring may be overwhelming. However, there are some expert tips to make it easier. 

First, take a look at what kind of jewelry your significant other wears. Doing this should help you get an idea of what styles they prefer. Next, pay attention to rings they look at on social media. You might notice a trend and can keep it in mind before going shopping. When in doubt, seek the help of the experts.

Get Inspired With Designer’s Touch Jewelry!

Need some engagement ring inspiration? If so, we have you covered at Designers Touch Jewelry. Visit our website to see our jewelry, and more specifically, our engagement rings in Wellington. You may see something you think your significant other would love. And if you have a specific style in mind, feel free to visit our store or give us a call at (561) 790-6220.