Your watch is more than just something that tells time; it is unique to you and might even be your most prized possession. At Designer’s Touch Jewelry, located in beautiful sunny Wellington, we take the utmost care of your precious timepieces and jewelry. We have been offering expert jewelry and watch repair and more to our clients for over three decades. We are a seasoned jeweler who not only provides impeccable precision watch repair work but also offers the best jewelry repair service in Wellington.  Do you have a watch or a few rings that you’ve accumulated throughout the years that mean something special to you? Perhaps you have a vintage watch that your grandmother handed down to you, or your mother has a special heirloom ring she’s passed on to you. These gems are all beloved, and the timepieces are undeniably precious and irreplaceable. So, when one of your valuable watches stops ticking, where do you go to get it repaired? Perhaps your watch needs hard-to-find parts, or you have given up on finding anyone who has the time or expertise to fix a vintage timepiece. Why not try Designer’s Touch Jewelry for exceptional watch repair in Wellington? Our trusted jewelers have years of experience in repairing jewelry and more intricate timepieces that require hard to find pieces and parts. We may surprise you with the part you’re looking for.

We repair watches, gems, jewels and much more

It’s not surprising that both women and men of all ages love to wear jewelry. Perhaps you wear jewelry or a special watch to make a personal statement. It’s something very unique about you that you present to the world each day. So, if a necklace, ring, watch, or bracelet needs repair — you can count on Designer’s Touch Jewelry to make the piece you hold so dear look better than ever. Some of the other services we offer include:

  • Expert sizing for your rings
  • Repairing damaged settings to look like new
  • Custom designs from your old gold pieces
  • Cleaning tarnished silver and other metal
  • Fixing broken necklace chains and clasps
  • Creating a unique setting for your diamond ring or necklace
  • Expert polishing for gemstones and diamonds
  • Repairing gold, silver and gemstone scratches

Designer’s Touch Jewelry has been serving the South Florida community for over 30 years. So, you know you are getting a leader you can trust with years of experience in the jewelry industry. Don’t trust just anyone with your family heirloom pieces or your precious gems. If you have a favorite gold piece that is damaged, bring it in and let us create something new for you! We are a creative group that loves to customize pieces for our clients. Also, we are considered the leading watch repair service in Wellington. Just stop our Wellington shop to see what’s new in jewels, watches and gems. Call us today at (561) 790-6220; we look forward to helping you.