Do you own a luxury watch? Do you need it to be repaired? With your watch being one of your most loved possession you should make sure you are leaving it in the right hands. With that in mind, you don’t want to just leave it with anybody just like you wouldn’t leave your children with just anybody. You should leave your watch to the best watch repair jeweler in Wellington, and that’s us. Here at Designer’s Touch Jewelry, we’re proud in all the work we take part in. Let’s dive into why you should work with us! 

Why you should trust Designer’s Touch Jewelry 

At Designer’s Touch Jewelry, we are proud to offer the best jewelry and watch repair in Wellington. If you are looking for expert jewelry repair, it’s time to come see how our team at Designer’s Touch Jewelry can help. We don’t just go along with any old routine, we combine an artistic approach with the best repair techniques to provide the most beautiful results. Many of our competitors throw together their pieces but we take our time in everything we do because we understand how important your jewelry is to you. After all, jewelry tells a story and it embodies a dream, all the while it is romantic, precious, and it reflects your beauty and personality. When it comes to jewelry and watch repairs you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. Let our experts at Designer’s Touch Jewelry take care of your pieces! 

What about jewelry repair?  

Not only are we the best when it comes to watch repairs in Wellington, but we are also the best in all jewelry repair! If your jewelry is damaged or worn we are here to help! At Designer’s Touch Jewelry, we can bring your jewelry back to life whether men or women jewelry. Here are a few of the issues we can fix: 

  • Scratches 
  • Mounting damage 
  • Watch problems 
  • Sizing issues 
  • Missing stones 
  • Worn pieces 
  • Tarnished metals 
  • Gold wearing 
  • Broken clasp 
  • Damaged prongs 
  • Broken chains 
  • Damaged settings 

Don’t leave your magnificent jewelry with just anyone. The last thing you want is to drop off your watch or jewelry to a jewelry store that either make things worse or can’t do it at all leaving you in frustration for wasting your time. Our jewelers use the latest techniques to ensure that your repairs stand the test of time. Whether small or major problems our professionals here can get your jewelry back in shape!

What should I do next? 

Whether you are looking to repair your watch or change a clasp on your diamond necklace let us do all the repairing’s for you. We take great pride here at Designer’s Touch Jewelry in our craftsmanship and custom jewelry repair, so don’t give it a second thought and give us a call today (561) 790-6220!