A watch is one of those timeless accessories that we all own. They are both functional and fashionable in almost all settings, from work to a night out, you can never go wrong with a watch on your wrist. These pieces are a great way to make a statement while also having an aura of class. But what happens when your watch is starting to act funky? There’s always going to be a time where your watch gets a little rained on or dinged; however, after some time of your watch going through war, you’re going to need to have it serviced. Having your watch serviced is not only a great way of preserving it for long time use, but it also ensures it is serving its functionality purpose. We can all agree watches are fashionable but are they worth having if they can’t keep you on time? The best way to prevent your watch from becoming too broken to fix it by having it serviced within an appropriate time frame.

What are the Signs and What Should You Look For?

The Second Hand is Moving Too Fast

One of the common signs that your watch needs to be serviced is when the second hand is starting to move a little too quickly. This usually happens on battery-operated watches and is a clear indication that your battery is going to die any day now. The only way to fix this issue is to come on into Designer’s Touch Jewelry and have one of our technicians service your watch. You may see this start to happen and think that going quickly by only a few seconds or a minute is no big deal; however, this not where the problem lies. If you allow your watch to continue in this way it’s going to have a dead battery, which is when you will face some larger problems at hand. Once the watch battery dies your watch could be subjected to a leaking battery. This is a form of damage that once done, may have some serious effects on your watch. Don’t let it get to this point, come on it and have your battery fixed today.

Moisture Has Built-Up

Living in sunny South Florida your electronic devices are naturally going to be exposed to moisture and rain. This is unfortunately unpreventable. However, despite the humidity here your watch does not need to take the beating. As soon as you begin to notice the face of your watch looking a little clouded with moisture or filled with water droplets, it’s time to take it in to be serviced. The most common thing we see is people brushing this problem off and thinking the watch will dry out on its own. This is not the case; while it may seem like the problem is getting better, the moisture is probably sinking further into the watch. Coming in after a while of these signs may result in replacing damaged and rusted parts of the watch.

Your Watch is Making Weird Noises

When we say your watch is making noises we are not talking about the small hum of hands moving. This noise would be more of a rattle, the kind of sound you hear when you shake a container of mints. By nature human beings are not graceful, meaning you are bound to drop your watch and accidentally bang it on a surface. Usually, your watch can probably take the beating so long as it isn’t anything too aggressive, but there is going to be a breaking point. If you drop your watch one day and pick it up to hearing a rattling sound, it’s time to take it in to be serviced. This sound means that something inside the watch is loose and is need of some upkeep.

 Whether you have dropped your watch and need a second opinion or got caught in the rain, Designer’s Touch Jewelry is here for you. Our team has been servicing watches for years and is more than happy to help you out with your treasured timepiece. Conveniently located in Wellington, Florida we can get your watch up and running better than ever. To learn more about our services, give us a call today at (561) 790-6220.