Women’s necklaces are popular among different demographics of women. Necklaces account for 54% of all jewelry sales and they reach across wide demographics.

They are popular and everlasting gifts to be worn year round. Here are some insights about why necklaces are the go-to gift items for ladies.

You Make a Statement

Necklaces are showing off a woman’s personality and style. It is a way of telling the world this is who they are and what matters the most to them.

For example, choker necklaces fit tighter around the neck and show a sense of elegance and class. Women prefer these necklaces when going to formal events or wanting to dress up.

This is different from drop-style necklaces where a woman will wear them in a more relaxed setting. These necklaces sag down the front in a v-shape. The drop-down style is popular when someone wants to look great but does not overdo things such as going out for coffee or to work.

Necklaces are everlasting gifts and something a woman will always appreciate. This jewelry is popular during the holidays, for birthdays, and on special occasions such as anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

We recommend necklaces that will enhance a woman’s sense of class and show how much you care.

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Necklaces are versatile and can be worn on different occasions. Women always wear them to bring out their feelings and remember that you care for them.

For instance, pearl and gold necklaces can be worn on both formal and informal occasions. Women love the flexibility these offer and the feelings they have around their necks.

Sometimes, custom necklaces such as those with an equestrian theme are popular in capturing something that is of interest to the person. These necklaces embrace their personality and make them feel proud of themselves.

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